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Silver Ipad on White Book Page

Online college vs real, normal, in-person college, youre just curious about the differences between the two.


In attendance between online college and real college, one big, obvious difference is that for online college, there’s no class to physically attend.  So most online programs will just give you information or a lecture for the week. And then just set you on your own and you do it on your own time. Although, some online programs are online classes where you really have to be there at a certain time. So, while at online college you probably won’t have to attend at a certain time, in-person college, you will. But at the college, you do have to go to class. In most colleges, If you missed too many classes, you will fail. But, sometimes it varies by college, sometimes it varies just by professor. . Again, obviously, in online college, it’s less likely that you’ll have to show up at a certain time, but for, in-person college it’s more likely that you’ll have to show up to a class.


How are lectures given? At an in-person college, it’s pretty obvious how they’re given; The teacher stands up in front of the lecture rooms and lectures the students. Maybe they’ll have a power point, or show you some videos like a normal class. But an online college obviously is a little bit different, some teachers would just post a video of themselves lecturing. A teacher can just send a power point document or scanned textbooks. If it was in class, they would give it to you as a hand-out, but because they can’t give it to you, they give it to you scanned on the computer. Another way to have lectures is, just as if you were in a normal class, the’ll tell you to buy a book or check out a book and then you’ll have to, just read a chapter they assigned to you.


In some colleges, there could be lots of assignments. There are homeworks, in-class assignments, different things that you can get points for and also get graded on.  For online college, assignments are a little bit different. You’d have to, give a speech and record yourself giving that speech and turn that in.


Obviously, at an in-person college, a test or exam looks normal. But at online college, there are two ways that tests and exams can be administered. The first way is giving you the exam and you are left on your own with it. There is no such thing as a closed-book exam. Then the second way is; where you will take the test on a computer that has a webcam and also a computer that can record what’s on screen. So when you are taking that test or that exam you are being monitored by somebody through your webcam to make sure that you are not looking at notes, or going over to the side and googling things. They’ll also  monitor your computer screen to make sure of the same thing.

Communicating with your professors:

 When you are in an in-person class you have two options. You can go to your professor and talk to them or you can send them an email. Whereas online college, your only option is to email them. At an in-person college, usually a professor has office hours, which is where they’ll be at their office, or their classroom, and you can go in and see them and ask them for help or a question.  At an online college, some of the professors do have office hours as well. While you can’t actually go in and visit them, you could call them, or video chat them, to contact them during their office hours and they would be there to answer you.

Working with peers:

When you are at an in-person college, you might have group assignments, or you might be working with your peers just because it’s helpful. And that’s easy to do when you’re in an in-class situation.  Online college is a little bit different as you are never with the people, so you can’t really make those relationships. Another thing is that you are probably never gonna be online at the same time they are, like chatting together or anything like that. So the likelihood of making friends at online college, is slim.

Level of difficulty:

Online college in some ways, is easier. Like, you do not have to show up to a class, you do not have any real tests, you can fit everything in your schedule easily. So in some ways, it is easier.

Just keep in mind that you might not be making any friends, you might not have a normal college experience and that might be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to work full-time while you go to college, online college is probably the way for you to go.  

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