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Do you want to know how to always win sports betting?  If yes, then here is solution for you.

This post is not about match betting or arbitrage, it is purely about winning sports betting. This is also not to glamorize betting but just to show everybody a way to beat the bookmakers over and over again.

Winning on sports betting is not about picking the winner but about getting the right price and then letting variance do the hard work for you. If there’s a 50 chance of something happening, its’ odds are as follows; any bets that you strike above that price is your overall margin, the next bet might not come in and it might not be the winner in your favor but overall a wider sample of bets means that you will come out on top and always win through taking value in the marketplace. This is extremely simple in theory but the harder part is finding those odds which are above their true value because bookmakers and sportsbooks are doing the complete opposite and offering you odds far below their true value in the alternate direction effectively giving you shorter odds than the probable chance of something happening.

 These five steps will highlight how to continuously and effortlessly win sports betting.

  1.  looking in the right place:

In horse racing, look at the lower quality horse races particularly on all weather maybe later in the evening places like dundalk. In football, look at the far lower leagues, the less interesting events and, it can be a little bit tricky on football because there are less opportunities for this. Greyhounds is a brilliant one because there are races every few minutes, particularly in the evening in the summer and a lot of the time they are not  focused on the event and the general public is also not focused on the event and it is a fast-changing marketplace.

  • Direct comparison:

Look for a direct comparison where the sports book odds are bigger than the exchange odds. The bigger the disparity,  the better and therefore the bigger the disparity between the two the larger you should stake.

  • Be in the line:

There are situations where the odds are moving fast against you. In relatively obscure events, the bookies are not keeping their eye and that’s when you are likely to get a value bet on. However, also look for significant volume on the selection very close to or at the start of the event.

  •  The confirmation:

When you see these confirming signals, that is when you have to hit them harder. The bigger the disparate in the odds the bigger the gamble. The closer it is to the start, preferably on the start or even if it’s slightly delayed after the start. These are three ticks in your box and that’s when you place a bet and over the longer period of time you will emerge a consistent winner.

 The biggest problem for anyone willing to try this is bankroll because there will be a sequence of losing events at some point in time. This is like flicking the coin in which it’s either heads or tails for so many rows. However, if you take value on those bets over a period of time, at their best point in time where they are closest to their true odds or true value then you will emerge a winner and you’ll be stunned at how many times these  types of situations happen on different sports.

  • Understanding the process:

Understanding is extremely important and then repeating this over a longer sample so that you will allow variance to play out with that probability. Also allow those losers to happen, allow the winners to happen and see the difference. Track it ideally on spreadsheet or excel and realize that it’s part of the process. Although you remain always a winner over the longer term, there will be some losses on route but if you follow this quite sensible and calculated rules, you will understand that short-termism isn’t the way to win through sports betting.

Lastly, you will need different accounts with different sports books. You are  going to need to do that because, in the modern world, a large problem for any anybody who is a  professional better or trader is avoiding the losing of accounts and the various commissions that you rack up on route because these providers don’t want to keep shelling out and they don’t want to keep paying you as they are there to make money from you and not to give it to you. They don’t like this and after a short while of winning, they will limit or restrict your betting account.

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