Other things to consider are maybe if you’re having recurrent urinary tract infections that can cause symptoms of overactive bladder as well as certain medications like water pills, very often if you’re taking diuretics or water pills for high blood pressure or swelling that can make your overactive bladder symptoms much worse than when you come to see a urologist for your symptoms of overactive bladder, first we’re going to ask you several questions about your symptoms, when do they happen, how many pads a day are you using, what’s bothering you the most about it, how often are you going to the bathroom during the day and at night, also what’s your history, do you have any medical problems or surgeries in the past that might be contributing to this, then we’ll do a physical examination and during that exam we’ll look for any abnormalities that might be contributing to symptoms of overactive bladder like cysts underneath the urethra or around the urethra or p tube and men will do a prostate exam to see if there’s any enlarged prostate which can very often cause symptoms of overactive bladder, we’ll also check your urine to make sure there’s no blood or urinary tract infections because that could signal other problems, we’ll also do a bladder scan or a post void residual and what that is is a little ultrasound that we do on the bladder to see how well you’re emptying your bladder, are you emptying well or is your leakage happening because you have a lot of urine left over after you urinate and you’re not completely emptying.

So what are treatments for overactive bladder, as i mentioned earlier being overweight can contribute to symptoms of overactive bladder and studies have shown that losing as little as eight percent of your body weight so if you’re 200 pounds, that’s about 16 pounds of weight that you can actually significantly improve your urinary symptoms, so that’s a great place to start, another thing to do is to avoid bladder irritants, the simple things that you can avoid are alcohol, caffeine for some people spicy foods, acidic foods, artificial sweeteners and carbonated beverages but what i tell people is don’t dramatically change your life, eliminate one thing see how it goes for a few days, if it doesn’t make a difference, you can put it back in and try to eliminate something else, don’t drive yourself crazy over this, other things you can do are make sure you’re drinking enough but not too much, so you don’t want to over drink because that means you’re going to go to the bathroom more often and if you under drink actually, that can create your urine to be more concentrated which can then irritate the bladder lining, what i advice is drink whatever you want with breakfast, lunch and dinner and then sip on a bottle of water throughout the day but don’t take big gulps and try to make some major amount of fluid in fact if you do that and you’re eating fruits and vegetables and smoothies and soups you’re going to have plenty of fluid, you’re not going to be dehydrated, of course if you feel thirsty you should always drink another.

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