Black pregnant woman with smartphone eating in kitchen
Black pregnant woman with smartphone eating in kitchen

Our immune system undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy, if it didn’t, our body’s immune system will attack the baby because it’s a foreign object, these immune system changes make us more resilient against some conditions but less able to fight off others. Unfortunately what may be nothing more than a funny tummy or some loose poo normally may have serious repercussions during pregnancy, to make matters even more complicated it’s recommended that we do all we can to avoid medications such as antibiotics during pregnancy.

It’d do you well boosting your immunity especially during pregnancy and with the power of good food, it’s possible. It’s advisable to cook foods thoroughly and eat a nutrient-rich immune-boosting diet, research suggests that a healthy gut microbiota is one of the most important strategies for boosting your immunity ensuring that you meet your micro nutrient requirements with nutrients such as zinc and vitamin C, they are also essential, they’re key micronutrient requirements for immunity and you can have them by including these seven foods in your diet.

  • Garlic: Research suggests that four to five cloves of garlic per day may help to reduce the risk of developing the common cold, this is believed to be due to the antimicrobial properties of a compound in garlic called ellison. Now garlic is also great for our gut microbiota so it is a fantastic food to include in your pregnancy diet.
  • Cow’s milk: There’s a compound in cow’s milk called lactoferrin which seems to boost immunity by interrupting the interactions between viral cells and body cells so that viruses are less able to affect the body. Include a glass or two each day.
  • Take probiotics regularly: Probiotics are found naturally in foods like kefir, yoghurt, and sauerkraut, but you can take supplements that are found over the counter in medical stores or the supermarket as well. Probiotics help in increasing your immunity as well as your child’s. It can help protect your child from any asthma and allergies in the long run as well.

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