Okay so let’s move on to some lifestyle tips, i always like to do lifestyle tips first because these are changes that everyone can make at home now and then afterwards we’ll move on to medical treatments because they’re a bit more difficult, you’ll need to probably get the medicine, speak to your healthcare professional, it’s a bit more time consuming so one of the best things that you can do for rosacea first of all is protecting your skin so if you’re not wearing a sunscreen or you know a cream that’s got a sun protection factor, an spf in there to protect your skin, this is one of the best things that you can do to begin with rosacea because you’re going to give the skin that protection in terms of spf protection, we’re talking a minimum of spf 30 so when you’re about to go out even when it’s a cloudy day when you think your skin’s not going to get affected, trust me there are uva rays out there and uva rays that still go through the cloud and it’s going to cause the aging and damage and inflammation to the skin which is just going to make the rosacea worse so try and wear a sunscreen every single day, use it as your normal moisturizer, find one that you know suits you that you like, that isn’t too thick but we’re looking at spf 30 as a minimum.
Moving on to tip number two, it’s all about cleaning your face, when you’re washing your face, make sure you’re not scrubbing it, this is just going to make the rosacea worse, it’s going to get angry and inflamed and it’s probably going to get even more red so you need to do gentle cleansing, be gentle when you’re washing your face, don’t use any aggressive you know exfoliating things all the time. You might want to use it every now and then but in terms of your daily wash, just a normal nice gentle cleanser is completely fine.

Moving on to tip number three, it’s all about not using perfume, soaps or anything like that again, it’s just gonna irritate the skin and make the rosacea worse so this is a really effective lifestyle tip that you can do, you want to be using stuff which is probably as natural as you can get without all the perfumes and preservatives and all that sort of stuff in there. Tip number four is again all about the soap in terms of cleaning your face, it’s probably best not to use these kind of soaps and stuff, when i’m talking about perfumes and soaps, it’s probably a lot more gentle and better to use an emollient or moisturizing cream to clean your face with, you can do this, there’s plenty available, the best advice i’d give you though is to speak to your pharmacist about what creams to buy that are going to be helpful for you without all the you know the smells and the perfume and stuff in there as well. Moving on to tip number five, you need to consider reducing certain things in your lifestyle that might be aggravating and making your rosacea worse, for example, if you’re stressing a lot or if you have a lot of anxiety due to different things, you need to learn ways to cope with these or you need to seek medical attention for them to speak to your healthcare professional on reducing these other things as well. Tip number six, steroid creams, some people use them on their face, this should only ever be done if it’s been directed by your healthcare professional otherwise please don’t use steroid creams on your face, steroid creams can actually make rosacea worse sometimes so bear that in mind as well unless you’ve been prescribed it by your healthcare professional, please do not use steroid creams on the face, they can also cause many different problems long term if you’re using them constantly.

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