A Sick Woman Covering Her Mouth
A Sick Woman Covering Her Mouth

So why do we get hiccups and how do you stop them, Hiccups are an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm, now we’ve all had hiccups and they affect women and men equally, however persistent hiccups are more common in men than women. So there’s actually two types of hiccups;

Short head cups that last less than 48 hours

The system hiccups that last more than 48 hours

Now persistent hiccups means you have to be linked to an underlying illness so you’ll need to see a doctor so they can investigate, sure hiccups are really nothing to worry about, they can happen due to various different reasons, now how do you stop the hiccups, by the way before we go to the next bit, there are loads of remedies they’re said to stop short bowel hiccups but these are all on individual experiences so there’s no research trials on them to show exactly how effective they are but I’m gonna give you all of them so now let’s actually get to it;

  1. Remedy number one, the good old valsalva maneuver which basically means taking a deep breath in and then trying to push the breath out but holding your throat and voice box closed it’s like pushing in childbirth or straining when you’re on the toilet, slightly off-topic but please don’t strain whilst you’re on the toilet because it’s not very good for you.
  2. Remedy number two is from Dr. Eric Voight and apparently it’s got a very high success rate so his tip is to drink water from the opposite side that you usually do, so you’re gonna have to tilt your head down and drink, so it’s probably gonna make a massive mess so I wouldn’t wear my best clothes and I’m doing it but the theory behind it is because of the way your abdomens going to contract, it’ll stop the hiccups.
  3. Remedy number three, swallow a teaspoon full of granulated sugar, now the theory behind this one is it’s going to stimulate your vagus nerve and make your body forget about the hiccups, so try it.
  4. Remedy four, it’s trying to stimulate our vagus nerve again to make up, what if you forget about the hiccups so the other options include sipping on ice water, biting a lemon or tasting vinegar.
  5. Remedy five, is all about breathing so eat the holy breath for a short time, breathe fast or breathe into a paper bag and see if it cures your hiccups
  6. Remedy six, is to compress the diaphragm by either pulling the knees up to the chest or leaning forward.
  7. Remedy seven, swallow water while holding the nose closed.
  8. Remedy eight, ask someone to scare you, this one used to work really well for me when I was younger and it might seem weird and might not work for everyone but it works for younger kids.

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