Woman Helping Her Friend from a Stomach Pain

We are going to be sharing tips on how to prevent UTI’s, we are probably familiar with some of these things and some of them are new to us, but let’s get into it.

The first tip is to drink water, now you probably know that drinking water helps with a bladder infection and helps prevent bladder infections, now the  reason for that is that you can see the bacteria that can invade the bladder and can multiply have little leg like projections and they can stick to the walls of the bladder so when they can stick to the walls of the bladder, they get a hold then they can multiply and  that’s what can cause a bladder infection, so the idea is to be drinking water but not too much and if you’ve got a health problem that prevents you drinking too much water just get some medical advice on that before you start increasing your water intake. Now water intake should be about six ounces cups or so i’ve got and you want to be drinking about six  to eight of these a day so that’s your six ounce or 240 mls, so that’s much and i would suggest that rather than drinking it all at once that you actually sip it so if you’re  sipping your water throughout the day the bladder is constantly filling and then it will empty well but if you suddenly drink then the blood will rapidly expand and you’ll get that pain when the bladder rapidly contracts as well so just drinking steadily throughout the day is a really good solution.

Now the second thing you can do is to drink cranberry juice or conversely take cranberry tablets now this has actually been established in the research to prevent bladder infections and it was previously thought that the cranberry juice made the bladder or made the urine more acidic, it’s actually the case that cranberry juice has a chemical in it and that chemical stops the little bacteria from getting their legs in the bladder wall and sticking, you’d be taking a one six ounce glass so you should take that much of your cranberry juice. So there’s this cranberry  juice and I’m talking about it because it’s a light cranberry juice, now the reason for that  is this one has no added sugar so you can get   cranberry juice without added sugar and added  preservatives and that’s the one to look for not a   syrupy kind, just a plain juice so that’s your one cup that you could have daily to prevent bladder infections and you can also take that in tablet form as well.

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