How many times a day do you empty your bladder, is it five, ten, maybe you have no idea at all….if you’re suffering from overactive bladder, you know all about bladder urgency and emptying your bladder frequently, unfortunately emptying your bladder too often will actually make bladder urgency worse and it also increases the likelihood of bladder leakage too. So what is normal bladder control, well normal bladder control for healthy individuals looks like this, emptying 300 to 400 mils every time you empty so that’s about one and a quarter to one and three quarter cups, it’s about this much in your bladder so it’s actually quite a lot isn’t it, it’s also having the ability to hold on for two hour intervals or longer every time you empty and really you should be emptying about five to six times a day and once at night. If you’re filting your bladder diary, how does your daily diary and the results compare to those figures, are you emptying your bladder more than five to six times a day? Is the amount you’re emptying less than one and a quarter cup? Emptying your bladder too often with small amounts is a big problem and here’s why, if we take something as the bladder and imagine this is your healthy bladder and it’s a muscular organ here and it squeezes down as i said before it’s constantly filling during the course of the day when urine is entering in the bladder and that you have little receptors in the walls of the bladder and these are like little measuring sensors and what they do is they measure how much stretch is on the walls of the bladder, so as the urine enters the bladder, the bladder stretches out and the little receptors become activated.

Now when you get to a certain level of stretch, the sensors measure that stretch and the bladder empties, they trigger the bladder to empty which is great but then if you start emptying your bladder when you’ve got a smaller amount in it like this, what happens is the little sensors become accustomed to emptying at this smaller amount rather than the larger amount so they actually then start to trigger off the bladder squeezing down with this small amount rather than a large amount. So what happens is you progressively train a smaller and smaller bladder volume and the sensors start triggering off at those smaller amounts so what we need to do is get the bladder back to this size and train the sensors to measure at the larger volume than the smaller volume so how do we do this, well it’s going to be a number of strategies we use to actually get back to this size bladder so in other words, you end up with a bladder capacity from large size 350 450 mils or one three-quarter cups down to a really small volume so we’re really really trying to retrain back to this from this small volume so i think you can see how prompting your kids to empty their bladder before going out or getting into the car isn’t helpful for their long-term bladder control, now here’s how you can train your bladder to store more urine to help you get back from this to this. First of all, make sure you check with your doctor before starting this bladder training and it’s really important that you make sure that you haven’t got any health problems or underlying health problems causing your bladder symptoms, on the flip side of this if your bladder volumes are really large or if you have trouble emptying your bladder it’s also important to avoid this type of butter retraining.

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