A Sick Man Covering His Mouth
A Sick Man Covering His Mouth

Do you have hiccups and you’re interested in learning how to get rid of them? We’re going to bring you a few tips and strategies about getting rid of hiccups, first of all let me tell you that hiccups are caused by some spasming in your diaphragm and your diaphragm is a muscle that sits below your lungs, so when your diaphragm spasms when it’s out of synch with regular breathing, it shoots air up through your lungs and it comes out your mouth as that embarrassing hick, so what we want to do is relax your diaphragm and get it back synched up with the rest of your breathing process, so here’s some strategies;

One is to take a glass of preferably warm water and to drink it straight down with little sips, so what you want to do is keep drinking the water until it’s all gone and try not to breathe while you’re doing that so in effect you’re holding your breath and we also know that holding your breath can be another strategy to deal with hiccups.

Another strategy involves taking a teaspoon of sugar and putting it in for example a teaspoon and then putting that toward the back of your tongue and then what you’re going to try to do is to swallow that sugar and try not to breathe while you’re swallowing the sugar, so you’re focused on something else other than not breathing which makes it easier to do and the granulation in the sugar sends different signals through your body that also helps to relax your body and let you get back in sync with your breathing.

In order to avoid hiccups in the future, you might look at what are your triggers? some people find that if they have too much alcohol perhaps or too big of a meal they’re more prone to hiccups, For most people, if they eat dry foods like dry toast for example and they have a bite of the toast without drinking water recently, they might swallow and notice that going down slowly and that can trigger hiccups for them, most hiccups go away in a few minutes, if they don’t, if they last more than three or four hours….it’s time to consult your medical provider, there are medications that can help stop hiccups if that happens to you again.

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