Local immunity reduces and skin thinning occurs due to the steroid medicine, Therefore your skin builds bacterial resistant fungus And chronic fungus as well as tinea incognito growth, Patients get stuck in this vicious cycle so visit a reputed doctor who not only prescribes the right medicine, but also the right dosage meant for you. So here are the favourable conditions under which fungal infections thrive, we will now look at the symptoms of fungal infections and the causative organisms of them superficial fungal infections which affect your skin And mucous membrane, They are caused by Trichophyton fungus, your oral and vaginal mucous membrane is also affected by the Candida or yeast fungi. Fungal infections are mainly In intertriginous areas, such as the groin, gluteal left axilla, toes web spaces, buttocks And the cleft axilla, Apart from between the fingers as well. The fingernails and space between them are often under attack by fungi as well Abdomen, legs, back, and arms, are affected by tinea corporis, another fungus chest, back, and neck, when faced with hypo And hyperpigmentation, they have fine, scaly fungus on it called tinea versicolor.

Fungal infections on legs and hands are called tinea pedis and tinea manuum respectively, fungal infections on the head are called tinea capitis, on the beard and moustache have an infection called tinea barbae on them….These fungal infections, to a layperson, are commonly called ringworm, This is not caused by any worm, but is rather a superficial fungal infection…thick, reddened, raised edges are formed which only look like worms but are actually just how the fungi grows.
Let’s take a look at what the patients face as symptoms; In this Fair skinned people have reddened raised borders along with itchy lesions on the folds of their bodies, slowly, these spread in ring formats peripherally on the active border, fine scaling occurs in the central part of that lesion which clear up eventually, there isn’t much infection present, their lesions occur due to much movement, sweat and friction. It tends to itch as well especially at night and in the evening too. During bathing, if you put hot water on the lesions, then the patient tends to feel better and comforted. You get relief for quite some time with this method, but the itchiness eventually kicks in and the lesion could spread.
But in dark-skinned persons this lesion tends to look brown or grey instead of red. This darkness increases on itching, the patient feels more discomfort with this Itching, irritation, and redness increases lesions spread.

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