Here’s some other natural treatments to use topically, Number one, aloe vera juice, now aloe vera juice is good for any type of ulcer or any type of cold sore burn, it’s good for healing an era so apply aloe vera gel, use peppermint essential oil, you know peppermint oil has antiviral properties and has a numbing agent called menthol, that’s in the essential oil applied….vanilla oil or extract can be a good option. Also drink echinacea teno, echinacea is a potent immune booster and has antiviral properties, in fact one of the number-one treatments is drinking the echinacea tea but then taking the teabag you just cooked and actually using it as a compress on the area for about 2 to 5 minutes, this can be greatly beneficial as well and then ice the area if you’re having pain there, it’s a sort of natural way to numb the area.

So there are some things you got to do if have cold sores, number one be proactive; you know if you’re a person and you know you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ve got a lot of emotional stress and your diet isn’t good, let’s fix those problems, get more sleep, schedule some things in your week that just help you relieve and reduce stress, maybe get a massage or just go for a walk in nature, do something or take up something. Here’s another great thing take a hot bath with epsom salts and lavender oil, do things to reduce stress again, clean up your diet with immune boosting foods and make sure to get the nutrients especially zinc, vitamin C and lysine in your diet. If you do that, it’s really going to help you fight cold sores and get rid of them very quickly.

To avoid being infected with cold sores, you should take the following precautions around people who have cold sores:

Avoid kissing, intimate contact and oral sex with someone who has a cold sore.

Don’t share towels, razors, dishes, cutlery, straws, lip balm or lipstick.

Wash your hands before touching your lips, eyes or genitals.

If you’ve already come into contact with cold sores, do these to reduce risk of a cold sore outbreak:

Try to stay healthy: A fever can trigger a cold sore, which is why people sometimes call them fever blisters.

Get enough rest: Fatigue weakens your immune system and makes you more likely to get sick.

Wear lip balm with SPF: Protecting your lips from sunburn can help you avoid an outbreak.
If you have a cold sore, be careful around babies. Always wash your hands, and do not kiss a baby until the cold sore has healed completely.

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