What is a cold sore? and what are the natural remedies and treatments to get rid of cold sores for good?
Cold sores can be painful and also they are highly contagious and so we’ll be talking about the natural antiviral supplements foods and nutrients that can help you get rid of a cold sore fast. Well here’s something you need to know, 40% of Americans get cold sores repeatedly, on a very regular basis, so this is very very common. 90% of people get at least one cold sore in their lifetime, now until that area that cold sore is scabbed or crusted….it is highly contagious, you don’t want people drinking after you, if you have someone you love you don’t want to be drinking after them, kissing them or doing anything to where you’re exposed to that highly contagious virus on that area most commonly seen really on the outside of the lips. Sometimes around even the cheek area, usually it lasts about seven to ten days and it’s commonly confused with a canker sore but it’s not, It is more like an ulcer, now here are the causes; type 1 herpes simplex

So the biggest thing to know about it is it’s viral, so antibacterial things don’t work on it, if you’re gonna do something you got to strengthen your body’s own immune system that to kill that virus itself in addition doing different herbs and supplements that are antiviral in their benefit, causes of getting this can include kissing, sharing cups, utensils or even sharing lipstick or a toothbrush with somebody who has that virus on their lips. Also if somebody is under a lot of emotional stress, it can really cause a virus to come out and I’ll give an example of this, it’s not just herpes simplex virus with a cold sore and it’s not always just a virus, it could be other types of bacteria or fungi…you know lyme disease happens when somebody is under a lot of stress, lyme can really sort of overtake their body, herpes simplex here in this case another example is epstein-barr virus, you know if somebody’s having a lot of fatigue and worn down that virus really can sort of overtake your body when your body gets weak and emotional stress will do that again.

Number-one thing that will cause herpes simplex virus and cold sores is too much stress, number two here is really excess exposure to sunlight, if you get way too much sunlight you’re getting burnt on the hair around your lips and face a lot, that can contribute definitely, not a main cause though. Number three, a weakened immune system, this is the second biggest thing along with stress is a weakened immunity, if your immune system is just really worn down, your body can’t fight off viruses, here’s the thing to know all of us have different viruses in our body even right now we have parasites, we have viruses, bad bacteria, we are created to have those within us that’s normal but it’s when our bodies get too weak to fight it off that we really get sick, so again a lot of times people say we’ll need to go and treat this herpes simplex virus, you don’t need to treat it, your body heals itself, your body will kill it….you just need to work on supporting your body and strengthen your body to not get cold sores. Hormone fluctuations can contribute as can fatigue there as well as not getting enough sleep in addition to stress, definitely some big things that can cause cold sores.

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