I’m going to show you seven stretches and exercises for restless leg syndrome or RLS so let’s get started. So with restless leg syndrome, it’s really good to stretch everything out in the lower legs and also to massage the area before you go to bed at night, so with restless leg syndrome I really like kind of massaging out my quads and my calves but you can also do your hamstrings as well and you can start off just with your hands or you can use a foam roller, I usually like using a roller stick just because a lot of times people want to do their stretches and exercises while they’re in bed right before they get ready to go to bed and this is easy just to have by your bed, so you know any kind of roller stick will do but just spend about 20 to 30 seconds in each spot, you can kind of rotate around and move around and again you don’t have to use a rolling stick, you can just massage with your hands, i just find it a little bit easier to use something else to kind of roll it out or stretch it out and a lot of times the quads and the calf muscles are the ones that really tend to bother people and you just have to kind of move those legs around, they’re kind of uncomfortable so again you know just whatever you feel is comfortable for you, if you haven’t rolled or massage your muscles out in a long time, you might just want to do 15 to 20 seconds at each spot because it might make you a little sore if you’re pushing too hard and if you don’t have a rolling stick, if you have a rolling pin you can use a rolling pin and even if you don’t have that again you can stretch out the calf especially like if you’re already in bed, it’s just get something where you can make a loop with it and you want to put it around the ball of your foot so you don’t want up on your toes because you’re not gonna get a really good stretching, you don’t want it down at your arch because you’re not gonna get a really good stretch either, I’m completely relaxing my leg so I’m not actually actively pulling my toes up, i’m using that strap to pull my toes towards me and you should feel that stretch in that calf muscle right down there so since this is gonna be a full stretch you want to hold it for 30 seconds with breasts like syndrome. I would definitely do both sides even if you feel like you have one leg that’s a little more Restless than the other, most of the time it’s both sides so again holding for 30 seconds, I would alternate back and forth just to give you Santa break but you want to do three on each side to really get it nice and stretched out.

Then the next one is going to be a hamstring stretch so you can just keep the strap in that same position and then just kind of go ahead and lie down in your bed and then take the strap or the belt and just kind of pull it up towards you, you want to try and keep the knee locked out and straight but again I’m not actively lifting up my leg, i’m using the strap to pull up my leg so I’m really kind of relaxed, some people will like to keep this leg down, they feel like they get a little bit more of a stretch, i like to keep mine up because I feel like it takes pressure off my back so if you happen to have any back issues I would prop the other side up and then you just take it up as high as you can so even if you’re just feeling the stretch here, that’s fine and if you take it up higher and you feel like your knee is bending then come back down because if your knee is bending you’re not really stretching out those hamstrings under there, you could also do a little combination stretch so if you want to pull your toes towards you while you stretch you’re gonna get your calf muscles again as well as your hamstrings so same thing you want to hold it for 30 seconds and then you want to do that three times on each side so then the next one is going to be to stretch out your quads, so we’re really just kind of working all those big large muscle groups around the leg to kind of help give them a little more relaxation so they’re not as restless while you sleep, so this time you’re going to take the strap and kind of put it around your ankle and then you’re gonna roll over onto your tummy, bring the strap up around your shoulder as you come, that’s just gonna make it a little bit easier, more comfortable for you, you can lie all the way down, make sure you’re in a comfortable position, some people like to prop up, I’m just going to prop up because I’m sitting so I can see you but then you’re just going to kind of bring that foot as far towards your bottom as you can so you might only be able to come here and that’s okay if your quads are a little tight but the further you can get to the bottom, the more of a stretch you’re going to feel and again just holding it for 30 seconds doing that three times on each side and so while I’m stretching the quad muscle here. You really want to loosen up those muscles, kind of fatigue out those muscles so then they’re not so restless while you’re sleeping so go ahead and lie all the way down, get really nice and comfortable because you want to be able to relax and now we’re just gonna do an ankle pump and even though ankle pumps are pretty easy to do, get as low down, all the way down as you can, so you can really stretch out your body while you’re exercising those calf muscles, so you’re just going to point your toes as far down as you can and then you’re gonna pull them up as far up as you can so you’re just kind of pumping that ankle that’s what is called ankle pump, but you’re really kind of getting that movement, getting everything kind of working and relaxed to help kind of calm the whole body down before you go to sleep, so with these you can do about ten to fifteen maybe a couple sets just see how you feel and see if those muscles are starting to relax as you do them right before you go to bed, so then the next one is going to be some bridges and again so the bridges are really just to kind of work those muscles a little bit to get them tired before you go to bed, bridges are great because they work glutes, they work your hamstrings, you know they help kind of loosen up your low back as well so it works a little bit of so with the bridges, if this is just to work the muscles to get them a little tired before you go to bed you don’t have to concentrate so much on the exact technique but really go slow and controlled so you’re working those muscles so as you come up you’re come coming up one segment at a time getting to the top, just a little pause and then really rolling that back back down so you’re really working all those muscles, if you’re just going fast you’re using momentum and you’re not using those muscles to help them get tired out and relaxed at the right before you go to bed so just kind of rolling up and then again, rolling back down, you can still do these in your bed, you know it might be a little bit squishy but you should be able to do these and again just 10 to 15 maybe a couple sets before you go to bed and then the last one that I really like to do is really just a child’s pose and the child’s pose not only helps kind of stretch everything out before you go to bed but a lot of times it really just kind of calms your body back down so that’s why I really like that one so you can again still do this in your bed just kind of roll over depending on if you have any knee issues or not, sometimes I’ll start by bending but if you do have you know some tightness and stiffness in your knees you can start and come back this way for the stretch but I like really being able to kind of just roll out into the stretch and so really this is gonna be maybe a twenty to thirty second thing. If you want to spread out your feet a little bit so you can get your bottom closer to the batter to the floor, that’s fine and then just really kind of stretch everything you know this is stretching my shoulders, my back, my hips, my knees and even my feet so this is really getting a little bit of everything so that twenty to thirty second stretch and you can do that two or three times before you go to bed so those were your stretches and exercise.

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