Let’s talk about a condition called rosacea where your cheeks are red and you can have these little red capillary breaks as well, now this is another one of those unknown conditions but anytime there’s a condition where there’s an unknown cause you have to find out what is known to try to associate and align things to see if you can come up with a natural remedy but here’s what we know about rosacea, the normal treatment which seems to be somewhat effective is treating with antibiotics but not just regular antibiotics, those antibiotics that also are anti-parasitic, so based on that data this condition could fall in the area of being induced by a parasite or a bacteria now there’s another remedy that seems to also help people, it’s called ivermectin, now ivermectin is anti-parasitic but it’s also anti-inflammatory so it can help with parasites as well as inflammation. It’s also anti-lyse, anti-scabies and what’s interesting about iberomectin, it was developed in japan from a single microorganism in the soil which is actually quite fascinating, now another thing about rosacea is that it’s seen in cushing’s disease where you have high levels of cortisol and by the way as a side note anytime you have a high level sustained release of a certain hormone whether it’s insulin or cortisol, you can start developing insulin or cortisol resistance in which you have a situation where this hormone might be at high levels but it’s not working and the reason i’m bringing that up is that in cushing disease you have cortisol and cortisol is a natural anti-inflammatory so obviously if there’s inflammation of the skin and there’s this redness and you have high levels of cortisol, it just means that it’s not working.

The other interesting thing about this is that you can also have a steroid-induced rosacea so apparently it’s probably this cortisol resistance which actually creates a deficiency of cortisol that’s really setting the person up for this condition, now the other thing that we know about rosacea is what triggers it, extreme temperatures, strenuous exercise, extreme heat from the sun, sunburn, stress, cold winds, basically any type of stressful situation can trigger it so based on this information, it looks like rosacea is a combination of adrenal dysfunction, maybe a parasite or some microorganism, maybe some imbalance in your gut because people with sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth also have a higher incidence of getting rosacea so based on that here’s what i’m going to recommend; neem oil which is anti-parasitic anti-fungal and you mix a few drops with coconut oil and you rub that into your skin, i would also take wormwood extract orally clove orally and i would definitely do fasting, there’s been some great results with rosacea after doing fasting and the last thing i would do is i would definitely support your adrenal glands to help normalize cortisol.

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