A Woman Biting a Syringe
A Woman Biting a Syringe

During difficult times, you may have noticed that you or a loved one are turning to alcohol or other drugs to help cope but how can you tell if there’s cause for concern? The four c’s of addiction may help signify if you or a loved one needs more support; the first C is CRAVING This is when you crave drug and alcohol or the particular activity you’re likely addicted to, the cravings mimic physical needs like hunger or thirst to someone experiencing a drug or alcohol problem, the substance becomes as vital as food and water cravings can become and so intense that they cause restlessness, insomnia or a lack of appetite. They may become anxious, agitated and unable to think of anything else when cravings aren’t satisfied.
The next C is COMPULSION, compulsion means someone has an irresistible urge or an uncontrollable desire to perform a specific action…someone with an addiction is overpowered by the urge to find and use drugs or the substance or activity he or she is addicted to, this type of behavior is described as compulsive drug seeking and can result in anxiety if the habit is not met that affects all other behaviors. The next is CONTROL, oftentimes in the early stages of addiction, an individual will try to cut down or eliminate the behavior, this is impossible when the lack of control stage of addiction is reached when a person is unable to exercise any restraint when it comes to their drug or alcohol using habits, a severe addiction has set in and treatment is essential the final C is CONSEQUENCES, this is when someone with addiction continues substance use despite negative consequences
Consequences can harm a person’s mental, physical, emotional, financial, social and professional health. The impact of addiction on relationships can be downright devastating carrying on with substance use in spite of knowing the problematic consequences that it brings raises the concern that someone may have developed an addiction.

Getting addiction support can be a tough decision but it is very essential and advisable, you are not alone.

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