Yellow and White Red Pills on Blister Pack
Yellow and White Red Pills on Blister Pack

So we are going to debunk some of the myths about yeast infection, yeast is very common, it’s the second most common vaginal infection in women, 75 percent of all women will have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime…..more than 650 000 women in the united states will have recurrent yeast infection, meaning will have more than three yeast infection in their lifetime so what are the common myths;

First of all is “Yeast infection a sexually transmitted disease” let’s start with that, No yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted infection, we have some theories that we could have pockets where we keep yeast and then when your immune system is decreased, it comes up so for example the bowel….you might hear people carry yeast in the bowel or the men who are not circumcised could have it in the foreskin but that doesn’t mean it’s an std, I mean you might have discomfort having sex but you cannot spread yeast infection by having sexual intercourse. Yeast infections are not contagious, they can be in various parts of the body whether it’s the vagina or the vulva or for men they could be in the foreskin but they are not contagious that is incorrect. Men can have yeast infection, it’s called balancing, they can have a yeast valenities when they have the yeast on the skin, some people have yeast in the vagina, we call it a colonization meaning it’s just a yeast element sitting in the vagina that can be there for a while you see it on their pap smear but when you truly have an infection that is making you uncomfortable, it doesn’t go away on its own.

Vaginal age creams do not treat yeast infections, they alleviate symptoms…they make the symptoms better and everyone wants the symptom of itchiness to go away some anti-fungal medications also come with vaginal itch cream and the idea is while the anti-fungal is working you have some instantaneous relief of the itchiness but the anti-fungal cream is not what is the medication, so the answer is no especially reproductive age women when we are young we have estrogen in our bodies, estrogen in the vulva, estrogen in the vagina… produces the necessary things that allows the vagina and the vulva to clean itself using water or a mild hypoallergenic soap as you take a shower.

It’s good to stay healthy….garlic, yogurt, probiotics, they are healthy things and supplements but they don’t treat yeast infection and not every itch is a yeast and if you think it’s a yeast infection because you’ve had something similar, you can start with an anti-fungal over the counter and if within one to two days you’re not feeling better, you need to call your medical provider and be examined.

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