We are going to be talking about choosing the best foods when you’re really constipated. So I’m talking about when you’ve got abdominal pain, you can’t empty your bowel, and you’re really wondering what to eat. So when going through the problem with having too much high fiber in your diet and how that it actually, when the fiber moves through your bowel, that it can actually clog up your bowel, particularly when the waste reaches the end of your bowel, and it becomes dry and really hard, just like in a pipe, when a pipe becomes blocked. The food to choose is actually the lower fiber. I’m going to be giving some tips on the correct food groups to choose, and then how to get your bowel moving and how then start back into your fiber intake when you’ve actually cleared your bowel. So let’s dive right in and start to look at some of the foods to choose. So we should start off with an assortment of fruit and vegetables. Now, remembering that we really should all have 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day, that’s really important for preventing you from becoming constipated. But when you are already constipated, the residue from the fiber you eat will actually backlog up, like a blocked pipe and actually sweet potatoes too. Once again, you can peel those, if you’re really constipated, because the peels can then add to the residue in your bowel, which then sits there and actually makes gas and makes your meal feel more uncomfortable. So also we’ve got capsicum, asparagus is another really nice low residue food to choose, and garlic as well. So this is just a brief overview to give you some ideas. It’s by no means comprehensive, but just giving you some ideas of what you could actually choose in terms of vegetables. Now, fruits, similar, we’ve got bananas that you can eat, your papaya, and your pawpaw, lovely foods to eat. If you’re having apple, I’d probably take the peel off, particularly, if you’re quite constipated, but you could have the inside of the apple; and also too orange; and melon, all melons are great, they have low residue, so they’re a great food to choose when you’re really constipated. The other thing you might like to do if you’re really constipated is to use, if you’re having problems eating too much, is to actually juice these. So you can actually combine vegetable juices, the more colors you combine, the better. And you can have your melon juices, where you can combine your carrot and apple juices, to actually help you get your nutrients, but also not bulk up too much on your fiber.

So let’s now move on to cereals and grains. If we look at some of the types of cereals and grains that are going to be more appropriate for you to have, when you are really constipated, we’re really getting rid of your really high fiber, high residue types of things, just for the moment, so probably leave that, that’s going to make you feel a whole lot more uncomfortable and bloated if you eat that high fiber cereal. Much better to choose your lower fiber cereals, like your corn flakes or your rice bubbles. And also too, when it comes to bread, we’re looking at your lower fiber type, so your white or just your whole wheat types of bread, you have tortillas, pizza bases, also too you can have your noodles, your macaroni, your regular spaghetti. I’ll just mention rice. Rice is one of those foods that is, white rice, is low residue, as opposed to your brown rice; but some people actually find that white rice actually firms the stool. So I think this is quite an individual thing, you can use some trial and error. But just a word of caution with the white rice, so you can see that we’re looking at really plain low fiber types of cereals and grains just for the moment, while you are really constipated. So in terms of meat, you can have any type of meat that you like. So we’re looking at meat, beef, pork, you can also have all your seafood, you can have fish, and also too eggs. So these are all types of things that you can have and know that they’re not going to affect you while you are constipated. And you can even make custards and things like that out of your eggs as well, and we’ll talk about your dairy in just a moment too, but know that you can really confidently eat your meat as much as it feels comfortable for you.

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