Female Half Face with Painted Zigzags 
Female Half Face with Painted Zigzags 

Another remedy is to supplement with vitamin E, you know vitamin E has really great properties for supporting healthy levels of inflammation, it has some antiviral properties so you can supplement with vitamin E. Supplementing with vitamin C also helps, we know vitamin C is a natural immune booster, bell peppers are great, papaya is also very high in vitamin C, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli are all vitamin C rich foods and of course oranges and other citrus fruits there as well. Boost your zinc intake, now zinc is going to be found in high levels in things like pumpkin seeds, but you may consider taking a zinc supplement if you’ve come down with a cold sore, typically about thirty to six probably thirty milligrams twice a day of zinc for about 30 days, if you’re having that issue take l-lysine…now l-lysine is an amino acid that really supports and strengthens the immune system and really is going to support your body and killing off that virus, so doing l-lysine as a supplement daily can also be greatly beneficial.
Then again, using some natural sunscreen also helps….what I recommend is mixing up some coconut oil, add in some lavender oil, myrrh, essential oil and pomegranate oil, so you can make your own sunscreen or use a really good brand of sunscreen and again just not getting over exposure to skin.

You should actually be getting about thirty minutes a day of direct sunlight, getting a little vitamin D can actually help boost your immune system but you don’t want to get burnt, getting burnt actually taxes your body and that can actually increase your risk of cold sores so again getting a little sun is good, too much sun is bad.
Here’s some other natural treatments to use topically, Number one, aloe vera juice, now aloe vera juice is good for any type of ulcer or any type of cold sore burn, it’s good for healing an era so apply aloe vera gel, use peppermint essential oil, you know peppermint oil has antiviral properties and has a numbing agent called menthol, that’s in the essential oil applied….vanilla oil or extract can be a good option. Also drink echinacea teno, echinacea is a potent immune booster and has antiviral properties, in fact one of the number-one treatments is drinking the echinacea tea but then taking the teabag you just cooked and actually using it as a compress on the area for about 2 to 5 minutes, this can be greatly beneficial as well and then ice the area if you’re having pain there, it’s a sort of natural way to numb the area.

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