We’re going to be talking about dry skin or eczema and there’s lots of different names for dry skin or eczema and there’s lots of different degrees of severity from just a little bit of dry skin that you have once in a while to a ton of dry skin that needs medical intervention, so we are going to give you tips on how to avoid having dry skin and how to treat the dry skin that you do eventually get once in a while in your life. So there’s a lot of different causes of dry skin and some of them are preventable and some of them really aren’t, so for the causes of dry skin we do have bathing practices that can either help you develop dry skin or help you prevent dry skin, so what I recommend for most people is that you take short 5-minute showers that are warm not hot so if you’re doing a 20 minute long hot shower that’s taking the paint off the walls and the mirrors completely fogged up that’s too much, that’s ripping moisture from your skin and that’s creating a perfect environment to have dry itchy skin so five minutes showers warm water, now on that, some people take baths and baths are okay as long as you don’t overdo it and hot tubs are usually okay as long as you don’t overdo those so they usually recommend if you’re a bath or a hot tub person is do no more than 30 minutes a week of a bath or hot tub, that’s total time in the water, some people are taking 30-minute hot tubs every day and that’s just too drying for your skin. So let’s be reasonable about it, if you like baths, if you like hot tubs, no more than 30 minutes of water time a week, as soon as you get out of the bath of the hot tub, rinse off, pat dry and apply your lotions. Now there are some medications and some medical conditions that can cause dry skin so if you have dry skin, you just can’t get to the bottom of it, please see your local health care provider and see if any of the medications that you’re on or perhaps any underlying medical conditions that you have could be contributing to your dry skin. Another cause of dry skin can simply be changes in the environment, so if you live in Florida, you probably don’t have too much dry skin down there because it’s very moist, you live up in Colorado and when the winter comes and the heater turns on in your house, the air gets very dry and that increases your chances of getting dry skin, so some of these tips might not be needed in the middle of summer and might very well be needed in the middle of winter but it’s not rocket science. If you start getting dry skin, it should go away, if it doesn’t within a week or two, see your local health care provider.

The last main topic on dry skin or eczema is what you are cleansing your body with, if you’re using very harsh soaps that’s gonna hurt your body’s ability to produce moisture and to keep your skin moisturized naturally, so we really want you to use gentle cleansers not harsh soaps and we’re gonna give a list below of some of the ones that I found useful for my patients and I hope that you find them useful too and my favorite moisturizers are either, CeraVe Cetaphil or vana cream and all of these are over-the-counter and all of them have been specifically formulated to help people with dry skin and they’re great products because they have things called ceramides in them and ceramides are what our bodies naturally produce to keep our skin moist and healthy so we are replenishing those ingredients that our body naturally makes so that our skin can get as naturally moist and comfortable as possible, now each one of these different suggestions, the ceraVe, the Cetaphil and the vana cream, we’re going to list what they feel like because some products really don’t smell or feel like anything after about 10 seconds of them being on and some have an oily feel to them, please do not get an oily product if you can’t stand the feel of anything being on your skin, you just won’t use it, youu’ll just be wasting your money and your dry skin will not be getting better so please look at the recommendations, yes the ones that feel a little bit more oily are a little bit more effective but if you don’t like it so much that you’re not going to use it, it is not worth getting.

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