The main thing about dry skin is to treat your skin gently, the gentler you are with your skin, the gentle it will be to you, some people use very harsh soaps and we don’t really want you to use those, we want you to use gentle cleanser because gentle cleansers tend not to rip the moisture out of your skin like the harsh soaps do, now along the same topic I do not want you applying any of the gentle cleansers listed below with a washcloth or a loofah or rubbing and grinding it into your skin, we don’t need any of that, people think you need to exfoliate your skin all the time unless you have a select few genetic conditions that are very rare you do not need to manually exfoliate your skin, your body does that naturally and the more you use the wash clause or the loofahs or scrub, the cleansers into your body the more you do that, the more problems you’re gonna have with your skin and the more gentle you are with your skin the more your skin’s gonna behave like you want it to behave so what about diet and xima is there a link and I think there is a link to basically every skin or body condition that you could have to diet and I think there’s some general rules that we can all follow to have a healthful diet so that our skin and our body and our mind can function optimally so here are some general recommendations and before you follow any of these recommendations I strongly urge you to talk to your local primary care doctor to make sure that these recommendations are appropriate for your individual health, all right recommendation number one, I think we can all agree that no matter what fad diet there has been over the ages that eating more fruits and vegetables has been one of the constants for most of them and I don’t know how you can go wrong so please more fruits and vegetables every day too, please drink plenty of water, one of the more realistic expectations is to see how much you weigh in pounds and then divide that in half and whatever that is, that’s the number in ounces of water that you’ll drink every day so let’s say you weigh a hundred and fifty pounds, that means you’re going to be consuming about 75 ounces of water a day, recommendation number three, essential fatty acids, now essential fatty acids for most of us who eat a Western based diet are going to be deficient in our diet and so please get your essential fatty acids, those are basically your omega-3s and your omega sixes, you can get those with fish oils, you get those with flaxseed oil or what I do is I use a product called udos choice and udos choice kind of blends all these together in a reasonable fashion so that you can get this central fatty acids in the ratio that you need so what I do for myself is I take one tablespoon of udos oil for every 50 pounds of body weight so I take approximately three tablespoons of food oil a day and it seems to help keep my skin moist and my brain functioning well as well as the rest of me so please talk to your local primary care provider to see if these recommendations and perhaps more would be appropriate for your individual healthcare concern, now there are some areas of our bodies that tend to get more dry than others, those tend to be our extremities especially our lower legs but thankfully we really do not need to be cleansing these areas of our body every day unless we can see visible dirt, these areas of the body probably only need to be washed maybe once or twice a week with a gentle cleanser, now other areas like armpits and groin and oily areas of our bodies, those probably should be washed every day but those tend not to get dry because they’re oily so if you have areas like your chins or maybe your forearms or maybe your back that is getting very dry, try only cleansing that once or twice a week while you cleanse the oily areas every day and I think you’re going to notice a huge difference. Now the last thing I’m going to say is that if you have areas that are dry and areas that are not dry, don’t use the moisturizer on the areas that aren’t dry, they’re already good, all you’re gonna do is waste money and you don’t need to do that. If you think you have dry skin, it goes away in a week or two with these simple tips, you’re good but if you think you have dry skin and does not go away with these simple tips please see your local health care provider to make sure that nothing else is brewing.

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