Boy in Pink Crew Neck Shirt Eating Ice Cream
Boy in Pink Crew Neck Shirt Eating Ice Cream

When a person opens his mouth, there are a lot of things you can see, one of the most important organs that help fight off infection are among them also known as tonsils. Tonsils are often overlooked when you open your mouth, this is because they are often small and hidden between the two arches, these tonsils are known as Palatine tonsils due to their location near the palate or the roof of the mouth.

How tonsils fight off infection

The tonsils act like a century point for the throat picking up virus and bacteria particles which are breathed in or swallowed and relaying these to the immune system to help with this role, the surfaces of the tonsils are pitted with the number of little recesses also called tonsil crepes, these increases the surface area of the tonsils relying more viruses and bacteria to the immune system.

How tonsils get infected

Tonsils can also become clogged with bacteria and food particles which can lead to problems, when this happens the tonsil itself becomes infected and starts to get swollen due to inflammation and becomes infection leading to condition known as tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils because the tonsils are always trapping bacteria they can become infected quite commonly especially in children leading to condition known as recurrent acute tonsillitis.

Signs and symptoms of tonsillitis

The main symptom of tonsillitis is sore throat but since the throat and ears share the same nerves, the pain is often felt in the ears too, this process is known as referred pain. The pain is usually worse when swallowing also known as odynophagia, very young children may not complain of a sore throat but may simply refuse to eat. In addition, you may also have a cough fever due to infection, headache, you’ll feel sick, feel tired and also feel swollen and tender plants lymph nodes on the sides of the neck as well as bad breath.

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