Mother Giving Her Daughter Medical Treatment for Flu Before Bedtime
Mother Giving Her Daughter Medical Treatment for Flu Before Bedtime

How Tonsillitis Is Diagnosed

Diagnosis is based on the physical examination of your throat, your doctor may also take a throat culture by gently swabbing the back of your throat, the culture will be sent to a laboratory to identify the bacteria causing the throat infection. A mild case of tonsillitis does not necessarily require treatment especially if a virus such as a cold causes it, a good rest is advised as also remain well hydrated, other treatment of choice in such cases are painkiller medicines, they can be added to relieve the throat pain treatments. For more severe cases of tonsillitis, we may include antibiotics or a tonsillectomy antibiotics will be prescribed to fight a bacterial infection. It’s important you complete the full course of antibiotics.

Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of tonsils to permanently end the problem of tonsillitis.

Criteria for tonsillectomy

At least 7 episodes in the previous year or at least 5 episodes in each of the previous 2 years or at least three episodes in each of the previous 3 years.

How tonsillectomy is done

  • Dissection and snare method

There are multiple methods to do tonsillectomy and one of the most commonly used is dissection and snare method.

Steps of dissection and snare method;

  • Patient is placed in rows position
  • Davis mouth gag is introduced and opened and it is held in place by draught fans by pods or a string over a pulley
  • Tonsil is grasped with forceps and pulled medially
  • Incision is made in the mucous membrane for a blunt curved scissors may be used to dissect the tonsil from the peritonsillar tissue and separate its upper pole
  • Tonsil is held in its upper Pole and traction apply downwards and medially or scissors until lower Pole is reached
  • Wire loop of tonsillar
  • Snare is threaded over the tonsil onto its pedicle tightened
  • Then pedicle is cut and the tops are removed
  • After that a gauze sponge is placed in the fossa and pressure applied for a few minutes
  • Bleeding points are tied with silk.
  • Procedure is repeated on the other side.

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