Meet Joe Average This is Joes car, Joe loves his car Like most South African car owners, Joe Average doesn’t have car insurance

     That’s a lot of cars that are a bit off color when it comes to insurance. Like most, Joe believes that he doesn’t need it But Joe Average, like everyone else does need car insurance We will tell you Joe, if you promise to use your words You are a stick man, not a cave man.

 Alright, well here are the four reasons that you need car insurance The main reason that people like Joe don’t have car insurance is because they don’t want to fork out a monthly premium What people like Joe don’t consider is that without insurance they are risking their savings and other assets every time they take their car for a spin Why? Because accidents happen and vehicle accidents can be expensive.

And while we are on the subject of accidents let’s move on to our second reason Apart from covering Joe Average for damages insurance will also cover him for legal liability following a vehicle accident that caused bodily injury or death to other parties, or damage to their property This includes legal costs that someone can claim from Joe Reason three Without insurance who will help Joe if he’s involved in an accident? Who will tow him home? Help him find someone to repair his car? Help him organize a car that he can drive while his car is being repaired? Or, what if his car is a write-off? Who will help him find a replacement vehicle? With reliable insurance all these things will be taken care of And on to the final reason on why you need vehicle insurance Joes an Ace Driver He adheres to the rules of the road and doesn’t drive under the influence of alcohol But on the road Joe is surrounded by drivers who aren’t Ace Drivers, but are in fact Driving Duds and their unpredictable behavior can cause many accidents  is right Joe As a matter fact, there are more than 500,000 vehicle accidents per year in South Africa So don’t be like the average Joe, make the smart choice and be prepared by taking out car insurance today.

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