Although it became popular after the release of the movie Rocky in 1976, the consumption of raw eggs has been linked to bodybuilding and strength athletes for many years.

The consumption of raw eggs is still common among some athletes and bodybuilders to this day. An example of this was the image not too far back in time of the current world deadweight record holder Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (better known as “the Mountain”) drinking a large glass full of raw eggs.

Regardless of whether it is safe to eat raw eggs, it is necessary to assess the real optimization of their consumption to obtain the benefits for which these athletes take them: Ingesting high quality protein.

Currently many people popularly comment that the protein in raw eggs is not absorbed. Actually this statement is not correct, or at least not entirely correct. Evenepoel et al 1998 in their study provided a total of 25 grams of protein from cooked egg or raw egg to ileostomized patients. The consumption of boiled egg resulted in 90% absorption of its protein, while the consumption of raw egg resulted in 50% absorption. This means that the raw egg protein is absorbed 40% less than that of the cooked egg, a quite significant percentage.

Finally, although almost all of us who consume eggs like to leave the yolk liquid , we are probably wasting part of its protein, although it will not be significant either.

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