I have been a promoter and scholar for many years of the benefits of strength training on health, as it has always been (and still is) undervalued, but this does not mean that aerobic endurance training (also known as cardio) should now be undervalued, as it seems to be becoming a trend in certain groups. Let’s look at one of many examples.

A key cellular process of aging is telomere shortening where cells enter senescence or programmed cell death. In fact, telomere length is a determinant in the disease and death of subjects. Telomere length is regulated by telomerase, which prevents successive telomere shortening in cells.

We know that exercise increases telomerase expression preserving early telomere shortening.

According to Werner et al 2019, telomerase activity and telomere length is increased with aerobic resistance training and high-intensity HIIT, but not after strength training (in other studies it does occur with strength training, but to a lesser extent than with resistance training).

But regardless of this (and for a thousand physiological reasons similar to this), training recommendations for the prevention of cellular aging, improvement of health or improvement of chronic pathologies (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc) should focus on a combination of strength training and aerobic endurance training (both LISS and HIIT), as both are key to benefit the most of the benefits of exercise in health, which needless to say is the biggest and best “polypill” that exists for both prevention and treatment of multiple pathologies, in fact, is the best ….

So, no polarization (as always happens), no “Fuck Cardio” and as always, pay attention to the context.

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