This workout is a 5 minute lose belly fat blast. Though it is a five minute work out, it is proven that you are going to feel the burn. For outstanding results, do this for seven days in a row.  Now, you can do more than one round, if you want, you can even do three!. No equipment is needed. Start with the left leg hovering. The left arm, down by the side. We’re going to crunch across the body. Then reach to the ankle back. From there, you to come into a full situp. Clap, then straighten out your leg. Change sides. Up we come, and lower. From there, up into sitting. Sitting high on those butt bones. You’re going to roll back, really pull your stomach muscles in nice and tight. From there, across, and back down again. Keep going! Across and back down. Next up, is a Russian Twist. The knees come together. We’re going to rotate side to side. If you want to make a harder, lift your legs up. Both hands, side to side.  Down into lying. Place your hands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back. From there, you’re going to lift the legs up. Lower them down, as far as you can. Flutter kick, up and down, for eight.Then open and close for four. Keeping your legs there. You’re going to drop one foot down and back up. Then lift and lower both legs. All the way to the ankle. Really pulling your stomach muscles in tight. Working into the waist. Up into a plank for our last exercise. You come down onto your forearms. You are going to do the hip dip, then seesaw. You hip dip again and then come forwards. You smashed it!                       

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