Woman in Black Tank Top and Blue Denim Jeans
Woman in Black Tank Top and Blue Denim Jeans

 This exercise is a 14-minute standing abdominal muscle training. Let’s get up and get started.

Raise both hands and move the body side to the left and right stretch your body firmly to get ready. Relax your shoulders and face and please stretch comfortably.

 Make a fist and punch left and right. Move carefully while being aware of the stretch on the body side. Relax your shoulders, pull your chin and punch with your arms. Touch your elbows and knees in sequence. Carefully train your flanks and abs. Move at your own pace. Touch your knee with your left elbow. Focus on the left side of your body. Please continue in that condition for few seconds.

 Next, move the other side, which is the right side of your body, in the same way. It’s easy to lose your balance, so please put some effort into your stomach. Don’t think hard, have fun and move at an easy pace.

Next, slowly move your hips in a circular shape and be aware of your hips. This has the effect of thinning your hips, so move carefully. Loosen around the abdominal muscles that you have moved a lot.

Next, move it in the opposite direction, large and slowly, in a circular motion with your hips. This movement allows you to be aware of your lower back and stomach. It is a simple movement that allows you to be aware of it. Then jump now. Put your hands on the opposite side of the soles of your feet. Jumps improve metabolism. Please continue this step for few seconds. Please stand and move slowly. Touch the opposite knee with your elbow. Focus on your abdomen and be aware of your abdominal muscles. Relax your shoulders and move happily without thinking difficult.

Next, keep touching your left knee with your right elbow. Your abs get hot. Relax your shoulders and stop clenching your teeth. Please swap the left and right, touching your right knee with your left elbow. Repeat closing and opening your stomach.

Next, spread your legs apart and squat. Touch your knees with your elbows. Please squat. Repeat this. Move your hips back firmly and use your hip muscles as well. Keep your abdominal muscles strong and use your core strength in squats. Then move your hips in a large circle to make your hips thinner. Make sure to turn your hips a lot so that your abdominal muscles do not lose their strength. This promotes blood circulation around the abdomen. Please move while breathing slowly and carefully. Move the other side in the same way. Put your strength on your abdomen and move your hips in a circular motion.

Next, twist your body. Spread your legs and bend your knees. Twist your abdomen by punching your arms down, right and left in sequence. Keep your spine straight and do not bend your back. Be conscious of raising your pelvis. Exercise with a good rhythm and tempo.

Next, punch twice with both arms. 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2. Repeat this. Twist your stomach tightly to create a thinner waist. Awareness of the lower back leads to improvement of lower back pain and thinning of the waist. Keep doing this in that condition.

 Next, punch upwards. Keep punching upwards powerfully and politely. Repeat bending and stretching your elbows. Stretch your body and train your core. Relax your shoulders and relax.

 Next, massage your abdomen. Move your hands left and right to stimulate your abdomen and hips. Let’s use stimulation to promote blood circulation. Loosen your abdomen that you have moved a lot.

 Next, move the part other than the stomach. Move your hand left and right. Add a stimulus to make your arms thinner. If you are worried about your shoulders, you can hit your shoulders a little bit. If you are worried about your feet, you can hit them. You can hit your thighs and hips and You can also hit the calf. Wave your hand to boost your body’s metabolism. The strength of your arm tends to be weak, so shake your arm a lot. Burn fat in your arms and legs.

Now stretch for a cool down. Extend your right hand diagonally upwards and tilt your upper body to the left. Feel the stretch on the right side of the body and around the abdomen. Stimulate your internal organs by stretching to keep your stomach in good condition. Next, move the other side. Stretch your left hand diagonally upwards. Feel the stretch around your armpits and underarms. Relax your shoulders. If you can afford it, look diagonally above and feel the expansion of your chest. Keep stretching.

Next is the stretch around the lower abdomen and the front of the thighs. You can lean against the wall. Grasp the instep with your hands and bring your heels closer to your hips. People with warped hips tend to apply force to the front side of the thighs, so stretch it. Please pay attention to various places and raise the metabolism of the whole body.

 Next, move the other side in the same way. Place your hands on the wall and extend from the front of your thighs to your lower abdomen. By repeating deep breathing, the effect of stretching will increase further. Don’t forget to smile. Raise your hands while inhaling and push forward while exhaling. This is a stretch around the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back and whole body. You can grab your elbows with both hands and feel the stretch. If you have a sore sole or buttocks, bend your knees slightly to adjust. The point is just to have fun. At the end, shake your arms and legs to promote blood circulation and relax your body. By increasing metabolism, the body becomes easier to excrete waste products. You have done your best, so praise your body and yourself. This is the end. You did your best.

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